Detroit is bankrupt

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Detroit is bankrupt Empty Detroit is bankrupt

Post by Hugo on Fri Jul 19, 2013 9:39 am

Gee, what a total shocker. How's shitting on whitey's head working out for ya, Motor City?

Man, a few deep-pocketed individuals should buy it and make it the largest them park in the history of the world.

Imagine :
Urban Exploration
Real-life Ā«Running ManĀ»-type contests using convicts as targets
Four Wheeling
Racing circuit

And also studies in urban agriculture
Use the space to build car condos like automotorplex in Minnesota (IIRC)
Give houses away, on the condition that people renovate them
Kick out anyone with a criminal record
Legalize prostitution, but ban pimps; man it would become a haven for porn production
Let the folks explore ruins, and let them keep/sell whatever valuables they find

Man I'd turn this place around fast.

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Detroit is bankrupt Empty Re: Detroit is bankrupt

Post by sparkchaser on Fri Jul 19, 2013 11:31 am

I am all for turning the place into a giant off-road park and urban apocalypse paintball field. Hell, let the DoD buy it and use the place for training.

Part of me thinks that all of the Libertarian retards in the U.S. should put their money where their mouth is and turn that place into a Libertarian refuge. Then I'll cackle maniacally when their dream fails because humans gonna human.

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